Shopify eCommerce, newsletter, website design and development case study for Paul and Joe USA

Paul and Joe

A state of mind: fashion, yet not a victim, friendly, spontaneously elegant, happy.


Paul & Joe USA


Art Direction, Website design & development

At Paul & Joe, there are no barriers. Freedom of choice, desires and family spirit prevail. The clientele of the main line can pick and choose from the little sister’s clothes, the Sister clients can go for a more sophisticated piece from the main line. All mixes are possible with shoes and accessories to boot.

Just like how Paul & Joe Sister is a more casual proposition, more playful too, and more affordable that its main line, MH Design crafted a fresh and joyous website that balances playful minimalist touches and fashion with punch while integratin with the existing brand.


As we like to say, a picture paints a thousand words. Great imageries form the basis of the website design, inviting visitors to admire the beauty of the styles and fashion, while complementing the content.


Keeping in mind the youthful spirit of the style selections and the existing brand identity, we handpicked and created a playful chic feel with elegant fonts, just as how the casual line breathed new life to the sophisticated look.


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