4 Important Slides to Include in Your PowerPoint Pitch Presentation

Pitch presentations have a unique kind of structure.

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They usually require clear and well-constructed content, often lacking the creative elements that are found in more general presentations. Because of these restrictions, it can be a real challenge to create one.

Whether you need to create a pitch presentation from scratch or already have a PowerPoint template ready, you probably need a little bit of help in polishing the structure of your pitch.

We can help you create a powerful pitch that will entice your audience.

Read on below to find out how:

Understanding Structure

Here’s how pitch presentations are usually structured:


The problem is presented and explained to the audience.


Options or solutions are offered.

Market overview

The presenter details and educates about the industry, often answering ‘Why now?’.


Opportunities are put into light and the competition in the market is also discussed.

Call to action

Finished with a compelling call to action that inspired the audience to rally to your cause.

The Power of PowerPoint Decks

This structure is not fixed and can be rearranged in different formats, depending on what better fits your message.

The slides used in the presentation plays a big part in the overall theme of your pitch. One of the pressing questions you should ask yourself is: how many slide layouts do you need for the pitch? Keep in mind that template slides are much like different colors in an artist’s palette. When combined or mixed properly, they can artfully express your vision.

Here are 4 essential slides to include in your pitch presentations:

1. Team Slides

Team slides showcase the members of your team or those who are responsible for the pitch. These introduce them to your audience while also giving credibility statements to your group. If you don’t want to be hassled with dragging, dropping and cropping, make sure to find a template that already has a built-in team slide.

2. Photo Features

Some presenters make the common mistake of not including photo feature slides to their presentations and only stick to text slides when explaining their message. While text can display your points, photos are able to express so much more. The best presenters often incorporate photo features to inspire their and evoke emotion. This is something a lengthy, wordy explanation would not be able to do. Chart slides can also be dragged and dropped here, if necessary.

3. Minimal Header Slides

The minimal header slide is multi-purpose, commonly used for many different reasons. Designed to hold a single-line text, this is typically used to present a bold statement or question to your audience. Unlike team slides, minimal header slides can be used over and over throughout the pitch. The simplicity of this slide emphasizes the text in it, even without photos and other details. This can also be used for your call to action message.

4. Non-linear Lists

Traditional bullet points are outdated and do not really do much to capture your audience. As an alternative, go for non-linear layouts when displaying important data points, market information and other necessary details. Non-linear slides come in many different designs like waterfall-type slides or circular text with icons. Choose a design that adds more aesthetic appeal to your presentation. Taking this bold risk will impress your audience and keep them engaged on your presentation.

These four layouts can be rearranged in different combinations, depending on what’s more fitting for your pitch. When planning the structure of your pitch, keep in mind that there really is no set rule for this. Don’t be afraid to play around and try different layouts and templates to see the best options for your presentation.

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