4 Tips on Building a Standout Website for Your Restaurant

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Nowadays, customers first check businesses through online networks. Before dining out, people often look for restaurant recommendations and reviews to help them decide where to go. For restaurant owners in Orange County, it is smart to keep this phrase in mind: “Before they open your menu, they open your website.”

We have collected a couple of effective tips to improve your website and turn it into a powerful marketing tool online.

Read on below:

1. Know your audience.

Whether you are creating a new website or re-designing an old one, the first step is to make sure that you have a good understanding of who your audience is. If you are a restaurant owner in Orange County, consider the kind of vibe in your area.

With an idea on what kind of market you have in your location, you will be able to design your website to attract your target audience. Some questions to ponder when doing market research: Is your business in a residential area? Are there universities or offices around? Who are your competitors in the area?

Set the tone and graphics of your website to suit the tastes of your target market. If your audience is mostly students and young consumers, make the site fun and exciting. For those whose market is mostly executives and older people, make sure to use language that would appeal to them too.

2. Polish your menu.

One of the most common reasons why customers look up restaurants online is to check out their menu. Keep in mind that this will be one of the most viewed pages on your site, so it is important to ensure that it is designed well.

Your menu should not just be visually pleasing, it should also be accurate and comprehensive. Another thing to remember is to design your pages to be mobile-friendly. Since majority of consumers use their phones to browse online, mobile-friendly websites are now essential. Make your pages easily accessible for everyone to reach a wide range of customers.

3. Be true to your word.

Before claiming your place is among the best restaurants in your area, or it is one of the best places to dine in, make sure that you can back up your statements.

If customers discover your high claims, they will naturally expect more from your service. Under-performing might just earn you irate customers and bad reviews.

We’re not saying you can’t make these statements. But, before printing them on your site, guarantee that your food and service is up to par.

Aside from your own statements, it also helps to include reviews and testimonials from your own customers. This kind of authenticity will appeal to consumers and make you even more reliable.

4. Make a positive call to action.

The best way to finish a user experience is by giving them a positive call to action. This turns potential leads to real customers.

Call to actions can be tricky. If not done right, they can look too pushy. It is crucial to be assertive yet polite in your call to action. Don’t put pop-ups in every page, as this can be really annoying. Instead, place it in strategic exit points.

Instead of long and boring contact forms, keep things simple and engaging.

The success of your restaurant business will ultimately depend on your food and service but your website will still play a big part in expanding your brand. Invest in effective marketing tools and your business is more likely to succeed.

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