4 Tips on How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Clinic Powerpoint Presentation Deck

We have dealt with many different clients over the years and have gone through various kinds of presentations. Out of all the industries we have dealt with, the medical industry stands out as the most challenging one to make. Because these presentations usually require a lot of technical data, it can be difficult to explain everything with a limited number of slides.

You may already have a presentation ready but think that it feels a little ‘off’ or lacking a couple more details. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! However challenging this may be, there are still plenty of ways you can do to revamp or upgrade your deck.

Here are some tips to make a healthcare presentation more compelling.

1. Add stunning visuals.

Most presentations that tackle medical topics need illustrations of body parts or medical procedures. These kinds of visuals are crucial in explaining a complicated treatment or operation. Visual aids are able to thoroughly explain a complex idea in just one picture, which makes them ideal to use in these situations.

If you really want to captivate your audience, use stunning visuals in your presentation. Instead of the typical textbook-style pictures, incorporate fresh graphics and animation into the mix. These will not just help with explaining your message, they also look more visually appealing.

2. Include real stories.

While the medical facts are certainly important, too much of them can make the presentation seem cold and textbook. If you want to reach out to your audience, include real life stories or even fictional ones that they can relate to. Great storytelling can tug their heartstrings, inspiring them to invest to your cause or buy your product. Including a story at the beginning or ending of your presentation makes a whole lot of difference.

3. Never use jargon.

Think about it – if someone is talking to you using industry jargon you know nothing about, you will most likely be uninterested with what they are saying. This goes the same for healthcare presentations. Doctors and other medical professionals may understand you but the average audience can get confused or even turned off if you use complicated language. Instead of speaking jargon, simplify your message and use clearer language.

4. Lessen credibility statements.

Usually, healthcare presentations come with credibility statements which also act as proof or scientific evidence. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can become awkward when there’s too much. Your audience won’t really care where your doctors graduated or what degrees they hold. What matters most is the message you are trying to convey. Only use credibility statements when they are absolutely essential to drive your point and highlight only the most important parts of your content.-

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