5 Effective Backlink Strategies to Boost SEO Results

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There are several elements to powerful SEO marketing and one of these is backlinks. Backlinks, like the name suggests, are links that go back to your website. The purpose of this is to increase your website’s traffic, which in turn, will increase your sales.

Many modern businesses use this technique to optimize their websites. If you haven’t been doing this yet, then it’s about time that you start doing so.

Your goal is simple – connect and link with websites that have high authority in their niche. Getting quality backlinks will easily elevate your Google ranking.

Here are 5 effective strategies to apply:

1. Get listed on directories.

Directory backlinks should be one of the first things on your list, especially if you website is just new. This gives guaranteed positive results and little effort, which is a win for you.

When your business is listed on quality directories, you website gains trust and domain authority. If you choose the right places to list on, you can easily spread awareness for your brand and you won’t even have to do too much work.

Directories are everywhere online and you will not have trouble finding ones that are ideal for you. There even industry-specific directories that are great for niche businesses. There are free directories online but if you really want to get the best results, go for premium directories which charge a small amount. Here are some directories to look into: Yelp, YellowPages, Manta, Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

2. Guest blogging.

Guest posting is another effective way to put your backlinks. This requires more effort than directory listing but the pay-off is pretty good.

A lot of popular websites and blogs allow guest posts, as this is also beneficial for them. These websites get high quality content from you and their audience will become aware of your brand. It is smart to find well-known publications or high-ranking blogs, as these will have the most reach.

One trick to finding relevant blogs is to scope out your competitor’s websites. Look for sites where they are guest posting, as there is a high chance you will be welcome there too, especially if it is in the same niche.

Aside from linking back to pages on your website, include links to your social media pages as well. This will add even more reach for your brand.

3. Build broken links.

Broken links are annoying but they are a common occurrence, even for reputable websites. This can be a major hindrance for a site’s ranking and reputation because a lot of visitors get turned off and immediately exit when encountering broken links.

You can take this as a backlink opportunity to further advance your brand. When you encounter broken links in other websites, make them an offer by providing replacement link which will lead back to your site. Of course, your link needs to be relevant to their pages.

You can easily check broken links through Google Chrome’s plugin called Check My Links. This tool helps you find broken links on websites.

4. Be a source of information.

If you are an expert in a certain field or subject, you can become a source of information for an article. Position yourself as an authority figure in your niche and find websites or blogs that need your knowledge.

This kind of strategy needs a little bit of a public relations approach too. When you have a good network of writers or other business owners, you will more opportunities to offer your knowledge. Journalists and writers often need subject experts that they can quote or ask for reference, which they will credit in the article.

It is always best to collaborate with popular media that can boost your ranking easily. Check out Help A Reporter Out – a service that connects journalists to sources.

5. Create a useful resource.

Another effective strategy is creating a resource – like an ebook or a webinar that will be useful for your audience. People love free stuff and will instantly want to get their hands on what you have to offer.

Create something valuable and relevant to your niche to attract your audience. If they like what they see, they will surely link bank their resource and even post them in their own socials. A resource list, like a directory of services in related niches, will be a very valuable resource for all. This will also give you a big opportunity to earn backlinks from other names in the list.

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