6 Steps to Successful Branding and Consistent Web Design

With so many similar choices available, how do consumers choose one provider or product over another?

It’s often a matter of branding.

Branding distinguishes one website from the competition. It is absolutely critical to pay attention to this factor.


A brand is the perception that a consumer has of your company name, product or service.

This representation evolves with the behavior of consumers and creates a mental picture of what your company represents to consumers. Influenced by the elements, words and creativity that surround it, the brand details the characteristics, experience and values associated with a company.

Orange County dentist office website design and marketing case study for Orange County Endodontics

The take-away…

People who use a product or service remember their good and bad experiences and associate them with that company. You want to make that perception as good as possible.

But you’re probably wondering:

“How do I achieve successful branding?”

To achieve successful branding, a website needs to communicate how a company sees itself and how clients or customers perceive the products or services. Then it has to figure out a way to relate to potential customers.

If this is done correctly, it will get your prospects to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need, as well as build and maintain customer relationships.

What’s the bottom line?

A good brand will clearly deliver your message, confirm your credibility, emotionally connect your target prospects with your product and or service, motivate the buyer to buy and create user loyalty.

Quality Imagery

First start with a great-looking, memorable logo.

Next, realize that the logo is only the beginning.

Because visual cues are usually much more important than verbal cues, you can catch a website visitor’s attention with a well-placed image of the product or service offered on a website.

Relevant and Up To Date Content

After you get the viewer’s attention, verbal cues begin to matter.

The bottom line?

Create clear, relevant and original content, and refresh it often to keep people engaged.

For example:

Let the prospective customers know that you can answer their wants or needs. Keep it interesting and focused, so the reader stays on your site longer and becomes motivated to buy or commit.

A Memorable User Experience

Make sure the website and the mechanism of action are simple to use, with minimal clutter.

Orange County web design user experience

Why is that important?

It can be annoying to get lost inside a website and not know where to go or what to do next.

Here’s the bottom line:

Use clear and intuitive navigation, so the prospective buyers can understand the value of the product or service and buy it.

Consistent Colors

Color plays a big part in brand identity.

Here’s the deal:

Be consistent in using it, and know what certain colors mean to people.

Web design color spectrum symbolism

For instance:

  • Blue symbolizes trust.
  • Green connotes health, nature or environment.
  • Red demonstrates energy and enthusiasm.

Relatable Emotion and Character

Communicate the website’s character and personality using the company’s brand.

Website character and personality / company brand

What then?

As consumers begin to identify with your company, your brand will get into their hearts and minds.


Give the website a consistent look and feel.

If you use consistent typography, colors, visuals and layout, you create a memorable brand with easy-to-load web pages.

Most importantly…

You leave a positive impression on people who view the website.

But why stop there?

Think through your branding strategy to enable site viewers to link your product or service with specific values.

Tell a story that triggers an emotional response to keep customers coming back.

Once you’ve developed your brand, then work on increasing your brand equity.

For example:

Build brand equity with a well-designed website that adds value to your company’s products or services and gets better browser search results.

So what’s the bottom line?

Integrate design and branding for maximum impact.

Invest time in researching, defining and building your brand.

A strong brand is invaluable in the intense battle for customers, and your brand is the promise you make to them.

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