7 PowerPoint Design Trends to Follow in 2019

The fresh new year has brought in new trends for PowerPoint design and if you want to keep up, it is important to be informed and update yourself with the latest. If you are currently working on your public presentations, it is high time to read up and prepare yourself for some changes, which might help you in your public speaking game.

With all the current developments happening in technology today, designers are excited about the creative possibilities. Here are the top 2018 PowerPoint design trends that can help you take your presentation to the next level:

1. Stories

We live in a time where people are often too distracted, rushing in and out of their daily lives. But while our culture has shifted to a somewhat disconnected society, creators are also stepping up to create more and more compelling stories. This also goes the same for presentations. Whether for sales presentations or company launches, we can expect to see more creative narratives popping up this year.

2. Graphics

Visual elements are stepping up too and giving presentations a major upgrade. There will be more stunning graphics this year, including typography, animated effects and fresh fonts. These spectacular graphics will create a more creative and engaging environment that will draw in the interest of the audience. Having the right combination of graphics in the presentation helps better convey your message to the public.

3. Personal Photos

There was a time when stock photos ruled the world of presentation but this has thankfully become outdated. Generic photos like these are less relatable because the audience seem more disconnected to them. Industries have taken a step to incorporating more personal photos in their presentations to better reach out to their target audience.

4. Enhanced Visuals

Just like photos, visual elements will also be advancing this year. The typical flat graphs, bland charts and boring data tables will no longer be effective for 2018. Designers are coming into an environment where color and embellishments are central to convey a brand’s character. We can expect more eye-catching and modern visuals and enriched color palettes this year.

5. Virtual Reality

You read that right. Virtual reality is currently making waves and is now penetrating the world of presentation design, which completely changes the game. This year, we can look forward to interactive presentations and realistic product demos that entice the consumers even more.

6. Engagement

A great presenter or demonstrator knows that audience participation is integral to a successful presentation. Whether you are doing a sales pitch or a school project, keeping your audience engaged and interested should be a top priority. More inviting presentations and a conversational, dialogue-like approach will be even more popular this year.

7. Vibrant Approach

Gone are the days of dry and cold pitches that were all about script and product features. We are now entering a new era that values personality in presentations. The casual approach, mixed with some humor and fun, is the best way to captivate an audience and win customers. We can expect more of this warm and welcoming style of presentation in the coming months.

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