Important Elements to Optimize Your eCommerce Store

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The homepage of your eCommerce store is one of the most important parts of your website. If you to want to increase your sales, it is imperative that you invest in upgrading the design elements of your homepage.

An effective homepages needs a couple of things. While there is no single way to design a homepage, there are essential features that one needs to have to be able to captivate visitors and customers. If your sales haven’t been that good lately, then it might be time to re-design your homepage.

Here are the most important elements to include:

1. Main Menu

Naturally, the Main Menu is the most important part of a homepage as this is also one of the most visited. Your customers need to product search ability and easy access to other pages. Designing your page to have structured navigation will have a huge impact on your conversion rates. Keep the navigation menus clear and well defined. The clearer the navigation is designed, the more time visitors will spend browsing on your site. Aside from the structure, having a nice aesthetic also helps attract your visitors.

2. Call To Action

Sometimes, even if visitors need just a little more push to click that purchase button. This is where the Call To Action comes in. When positioned right, a CTA encourages action and results to converting casual browsers to real shoppers. A good strategy is to have a Primary and Secondary CTAs that are appropriately placed within the homepage.

3. Product Details

To make a product stand out even more, you need to have great copy. Your product descriptions should be clear and concise. Aside from the basic features of the product, include compelling points that would have your customers choose you over your competitors.

Don’t go overboard with too many banners on the homepage. Sometimes, too much displays like ‘deals, deals, deals’ can be too distracting.

4. Search

A Search box placed at your homepage makes it easier for your customers to access your products. It even invites them to explore your pages. Ensure that your Search box is readily visible on your homepage and not cramped in corners or pages that people can’t see.

5. Checkout

A good checkout system makes shopping a breeze. If you don’t have an option for Guest Checkout, users will be forced to go through length registration steps just to purchase. This can be a big turn off for some and you will risk losing customers. Having Guest Checkouts will be less hassle for those who just want shop and go.

6. Mobile-Friendly and Speed

Modern consumers find it easier to shop using their phones than their computers. Optimize your eCommerce store to be mobile-friendly so you will reach more customers. Additionally, ensure that your pages do not take forever to load. Users are not the only ones who want fast-loading pages, even Google prefers pages that load better.

More tips to improve your site:

  • Clear buying cycle
  • Relevant messages for buyers
  • Buyer personas
  • Engagement
  • Sense of urgency to purchase
  • Great user experience

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