Top 3 Strategies to Find the Best Domain Name

How to Find the Best Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your business is much more than being clever, finding a great phrase or using the best one available.

Here’s the deal:

Clever and fun names or phrases can work well for a company name or brand identity, but a domain name is something different. Think about how people are going to search for you and how to reflect your brand or your products.

If you have a business with a catchy name, choose a domain name based on your product or service, rather than your company name. Use keywords and content to unify the concepts. If you have a catering service, you might call it “Tacos and Teriyaki,” but you would want to use a more subtle and searchable domain name, such as or Link your URL to your company name on your homepage, in your page titles and inside your meta descriptions.

To find a suitable domain name, start by doing some online searches. Think about how you would search for your company and choose a readily searchable domain name. Avoid mistakes such as using a suffix other than .com, using hyphens, using numbers and misspelling names on purpose.

What’s the bottom line?

Make it as easy as possible for people to find you by taking out the guesswork. Be relevant, short and easy to spell.

3 Strategies for Finding the Perfect Domain for Your Website

Determine the objective of your site and how you would like to be found by people in order to choose the best strategy for selecting a domain name. There are several basic strategies to help you to do this.

1. Pick a Memorable Domain Name

One idea is to choose a domain name people are not likely to forget. You might want to use repeating consonants (as in Coca Cola or Paypal) if your company is a startup, is seeking a great deal of personal branding or is trying to get your name spread by word of mouth.

2. Use a Keyword in the Domain Name

Alternatively, you might want to match your URL to a search term. Most of the top results in a Google search have the search term in their domain name, possibly in exactly the same words. While you want to rank highly in a Google search to obtain organic traffic, you have to use other content strategies to establish your brand.

3. Use Your Name as Your Domain Name

The best strategy may be to use your name as your URL. Because the web – and business in general – can be a matter of people and connections, you can think of your name as your personal brand, the most common way people can find you. This is especially true if your business is about selling your personal services.

The Importance of a Domain Name

While your URL is very important, it is only one element of what drives traffic to your website. In addition, be sure to establish a mobile-friendly site with good content, good graphics and optimized landing pages.

What’s the bottom line?

When all of these elements are working together, your website will attract attention and boost your business.

Managing Director, MagicHat Design