Brand Questionnaire: 18 Questions to Discover Your Brand

Where do you start when it comes to branding your service and/or business? Does your brand convey who you are and what you do in the most meaningful way?

We are going to share you with you our essential set of questions to help you explore and understand your brand. Starting from the why, who, how, and what your brand is all about. Asking yourself these seemingly easy questions is the most effective way to gain insight into not only your brand, but your business.

Note to yourself that branding is all about being strategic, and by answering these questions you can position your brand and yourself to customers the way you intended to. Having a good understanding and grasp on your brand can help further the creative process and direct new innovative ideas that can make your brand truly unique.

(Take note… this questionnaire is what we MH Design use for our clients as well. We believe it should be part of the marketing process for anyone truly looking to create a beautiful marketing and branding strategy.)

If you are struggling to answer all the questions, don’t worry and take note that this is a process of discovery and the start to your branding journey. So, let’s get started!

1. What is your brand name? What is the meaning behind its name?

2. What is your brand tag line? What is the meaning behind the tag line?

3. What is the purpose of your brand?
TIP: Try to sum up the goals + mission of your business in one sentence. Make sure to include who your ideal audience is, what your business has to offer, as well as how they benefit from your service/product.

4. What is the vision for your brand in the future?

5. Does your brand have a history or a story?

6. Why do you want a new brand (for rebranding)? What do you want your new branding to accomplish?

7. What are 3-5 core values of your brand?

8. If you imagine your brand as a person, what personality traits would they have?

9. Who is your dream client or target audience?
TIP: Try to get specific! Are they a certain age or demographic? What adjectives describe them? Where do they shop?

10. What problems do your brand face?

11. How does your brand differ from other brands in your industry?

12. Why should someone choose your brand over another? Describe the value your brand adds to your clients (Value proposition).

13. Who are your competitors? How are these brands better than you?

14. List examples (images/links) where you’ve seen fonts and typography that you liked.

15. Do you have any color preferences? What colors should be avoided? Include examples (images/links) of color usage that you liked.

16. What three brands do you love and why?
TIP: Are they fun + whimsical, clean + professional, or sophisticated? Think in terms of your business, not just brands that you personally love. We need to make sure that your new visual identity best represents your business, and not just your personal style — although sometimes these are one in the same!

17. List what you would like to preserve from your current brand if any and explain why.

18. Share any additional details or considerations about your project.

Phew… that’s it! How many questions did you manage to get through and answer?

If you were able to answer most of these questions with ease, congratulations! You have the starting blocks to create an awesome brand! If you struggled with some of these questions, don’t worry. You now have the tools to help shape your brand and direct it in the direction you truly want.

Stay tune for more articles that can help you in your branding journey. If you have any questions about our portfolio and services or anything about branding, feel free to drop us an email at

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