6 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

Is it Time to Update Your Website Design?

The fast pace of the digital world impacts the way people discover your business. For maximum impact, your website has to be very fast, easy to read, full of content, fully optimized, mobile-friendly, user-friendly and very attractive. It also needs periodic refreshing to keep up with the latest trends. Here’s how you can tell when the time has come to do that.

Website Design Checklist

We break the web design process down into six sections.

  1. Speed and Load Time
  2. Responsive Web Design
  3. Online Marketing
  4. Business Goals
  5. Website Layout and Content
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Speed and Fast Load Time

Determine how well the website is performing to be sure potential customers are getting your message. Use the free Pingdom Website Speed Test to see how quickly your website loads.

Responsive Web Design

See whether your site is mobile-friendly. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to be sure you maintain a high ranking on Google, a necessity in today’s marketing strategies.

Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing

Along with these issues, be sure your site is well integrated. Take the time to ascertain that your mailing lists are set up to collect leads, that you have contact forms and automated responses and that your website is integrated with your social media.

Branding and Direction

Then, think about your goals for the website and how it can help to promote your company or endeavor. What is your uniqueness as an organization? How does your website affect your business or cause? Who are your top-tier and second-tier clients or customers? Where are they headed as buyers? What kinds of customized markets are you seeking? Do your other marketing efforts match your online presence?

Web Design and Content

Next, it’s time to see how your website looks. Keep the images looking current, the content sounding fresh and the links remaining active. Analyze the cosmetic appeal – the font, the colors and other aesthetics. Think about adding new features, such as videos, overlays and increased functionality.

Search Engine Optimization

Whether your website is your primary avenue of business or a promotional tool that complements other efforts, think about marketing. To gain exposure, you have to rank highly on search engine results. Add content, including a blog or other information that changes periodically and causes people to keep checking back on your website. Also consider landing page optimization and local optimization to keep those rankings high.

Yes! My Website Needs a Facelift.

By measuring the performance of your website, you can determine when it is time to make necessary changes and develop new strategies for the future. If you take these simple steps, you will be marketing to your fullest potential by maximizing website performance.

Are you ready to update your website? Contact us for a free consultation. Then watch your following grow.

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