How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

How do you get people to visit the website you have put so much time and effort into creating? Spend about an hour a day with these methods, and you can increase traffic quickly at no cost.

Classified Websites

Many classified websites will let you post things for free, whether you want to sell a product or a service. Check out,,,, and


Use Facebook by frequently engaging with your friends, posting your own pictures and interesting items and comments on other people’s posts. Then, occasionally mention your new blog article. Avoid making it look like promotion.


Try Twitter by becoming an authority on a topic, following people who are authorities on that topic and joining conversations within hashtag topics. Occasionally mention your latest blog posts to get people to your website.


Use LinkedIn to generate leads. To be effective, optimize your profile for the appropriate keywords, work at expanding your network and connecting with new people regularly, get people to review you or your business and link your blog to LinkedIn using an automated software system.


Take advantage of the power of YouTube, the world’s second most popular search engine, by creating a channel on a particular topic and then developing a collection of videos about it. Choose a topic with frequently searched keywords. Add a link to your website on each video, an overlay to your website URL at the bottom of the video (an image with your website URL written out) and a strong call to action. Sweeten the deal by offering a free item for visiting your website.

Article Marketing

Create and post articles on authoritative sites, such as and to get picked up by search engines. Put an author box with a link to your website at the bottom of each article, ask people to visit your website and offer more content for people visit.

Forum Posting

Use forum posting by finding a forum relating to the topic of your website. First, go to Google and type your niche forum. Edit the signature of your forum profile, add a hyperlink to your website on your signature, add a descriptive link on your signature and spend about a half hour a day being active participant on that forum.

Blog Commenting

Find popular blogs relevant to what your website covers and make useful comments on them. Be specific and then post a link to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by using long keywords that are specific. Then write articles or blog posts with the title being the same or similar to the keyword.

Free Press Releases

Some sites will post a press release on the Internet at no charge. They include:,,,,,,

Joint Ventures

Partner with people who have large email lists or address books. They send an email blast to their connections in return for a commission when their connections buy your product or service.


Use Yelp sparingly. Ask customers to visit your Yelp page, offer a discount for finding you on Yelp and passively ask for reviews. Do not post reviews from your own website on Yelp.

Google Places

Register with Google Places. It will show people how to get to your place of business.


Do regular blogging on your website. Plan it in advance, do it at regular intervals frequently and write about useful, interesting or entertaining things.

Final Word

Not all of these tools are for everybody, but try a few of them and be consistent. It will keep people coming back for more.

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