Restructuring a Service Business Website: What to Do

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Creating a service design website that effectively attracts a large audience is a challenging task.

Designing it to rank highly on Google requires great SEO knowledge and mastering the complex art of conversion is even more difficult.

If you are really serious in developing a strong presence online, you would need the help of pros. Fret not, we are experts in this field and we are more than willing to share some insider knowledge to help you out.

Important Steps to Gather Lead for Your Service Business Site

We understand the importance of getting leads and know that you probably need this too. Ensure that you are putting this as a top priority when redesigning your website. Here’s what to do:

1. Make an offer that’s hard to resist.

You probably already know that a good, compelling offer is vital to gathering leads. Your offer shouldn’t be just any ordinary offer. To attract your audience, create an offer that will be hard to resist. Catchy headlines and visual graphics pique their interest but a compelling offer is what seals the deal.

Ebooks, surverys and webinars are just some popular tools marketers use as lead magnets. These are appealing because they are useful and provide educational information to your audience. Additionally, they offer a solution to consumers, for free.

Our Mock-Up offer is also for free and without obligations. Our clients often approach us for the free Mock-Up, even if they have no plans yet of buying a site. Because our Mock-Up is free, it is an offer that’s too good to resist.

2. Use your website to gather leads.

Most people do not understand that one of the best purposes of a service business website is to gather leads and not really sell services. Keep this in mind when you are creating a new design for your website. After gathering your prospects, they should be followed up through email, phone or face-to-face. Sales strategies are then used to turn these prospects into buyers.

Having a compelling offer is also important during this phase. Use it as leverage so you can get more leads and then work on developing a solid relationship with your customers so they can easily trust your product or service.

3. Solutions over service.

Sure, people might want services but what they really need are solutions. Once you understand this, you will be able to provide a more attractive offer because you will be fixing their problem. Selling your service as a means of solving their issues is much more effective. This also says that you value their time and do not want them to be hassled.

With our free Mock-Up offer, you don’t have to worry about wasting money over designs that you don’t like. You can try the design for free and there are no obligations to keep it if you are not satisfied.

4. Educate potential clients.

Sometimes, a service offer is turned down because people do not really understand what kind of service you do. To decrease the chance of rejection, it is better to educate your potential clients in such a way that they will realize why they need your service.

Take a quick look at their business or brand and point out what needs to be improved and which areas you can help with. Of course, do not give away all your trade secrets for free. You can effectively educate them with helpful guidelines and other informative content on your website.

5. Be ready with a secondary offer.

Not all people will immediately want to grab your offer, no matter how good it may seem. Some need a little bit more convincing. This is why you always have to be prepared with a secondary offer. This could be in the form of a blog subscription, newsletter signup or other promotional offer. A secondary offer is another way to keep connected to your prospect. You can still keep working on cultivating the relationship until they are ready to give their trust.

These are just some of the most important elements of how to gather leads effectively. Of course, your strategy should also largely depend on your brand and business structure. Make sure to do an analysis of your company as a whole so you can come up with the best lead-generating strategies that’s specific to your needs.

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