10 Most Popular Web Design Trends for Online Marketing

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Website design is no easy feat. There are so many elements that make up a site and it can be daunting for someone with little or no experience to take on this task. If you’ve been putting off revamping your site because it is intimidating, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed the top web design trends to help improve and boost the overall structure of any website.

Regardless of your site’s niche or industry, there are some general rules that can be applied to most websites. Ask yourself: “What can I do to improve my visitor’s user experience?” By keeping this in mind, you will find it easier to come up with ideas and solutions.

Below are the top ten design trends you can use for web marketing:

1. Eye-catching Visuals

Gone are the days when lengthy, text-filled landing pages made search algorithms happy. Now, wordy articles and pages are considered outdated and ineffective.

Most people do not really like to read long text and will just skim through it. If too much unnecessary text is displayed on your pages, user experience will be negatively affected. To keep your readers interested, incorporate more graphics and eye-catching visuals in your pages. Replace those extra blocks of paragraphs with relevant images to keep them hooked on your pages.

This technique is seen on websites like Nike. Focusing on visual elements, most of their pages feature large images as the primary focus and the text are displayed sparingly only as supportive details.

2. Google Fonts

Google fonts give a boost of personality to your web pages. Choose appropriate fonts that match your brand. This is a great and uncomplicated tool that you can use for an instant upgrade. It’s free and easy to download too.

3. Buy Buttons

For e-commerce sites, the buy button is definitely a must. While this is such a small detail, it plays a major role because it makes shopping more seamless for customers.

4. Live Chats

Another element that greatly improves user experience is the live chat feature. Companies have found this very useful not just to help customers and visitors with their queries but also to reach out and get to know their audience better.

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMP, is a great addition to both local publishers and local businesses. Usually, these are the first things that mobile visitors see on the search pages, so they make great tools to attract more traffic.

6. Mobile-Friendly Design

These days, most people use their mobile devices to browse the Internet. A great majority of customers actually prefer shopping while on their phones or tablets. For a hassle-free shopping or browsing experience, it is a must to invest in a good mobile-friendly design for your site. If your website is outdated, you run the risk of losing valuable traffic and customers.

7. Minimal Design

Overdone designs can be overwhelming and tacky. Extreme graphics and extra bold colors can just distract people from the real message of your site. On the other hand, minimal design has been a classic and effective approach for many years. It is best to maintain a balance of great content and beautiful design.

Websites like Apple and Mail Chimp feature the chic white background, making their colors pop out better and the text easier to read.

8. Video Inserts

In this fast paced age, a lot of users do not really have much time to read long explanations and product information. Instead of boring visitors with wordy pages, use videos to introduce your products. Aside from being more eye-catching, these also have added entertainment factor. Videos are an efficient way to tell a story and capture the heart of your customers.

9. Interactive Experiences

Because of all the technological advancements, people now have higher standards and expectations. If you really want to wow your visitors, invest in programs and apps that provide interactive experiences to your customers.

Consider adding simple mobile games that add entertainment value to your site. The Winter Wonderland website features great interactive elements that give their users a unique digital shopping experience.

10. Accessibility

Before, not much concern was given on the accessibility of web content. Thankfully, things have changed and importance is now given to all kinds of users, including those who have hearing or visual impairments. Complying with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines will help improve your ranking and also help your brand reach a wider audience.

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