Custom Web Design vs Website Templates – Which Takes the Cake?

Many clients come to website designers with the hopes of getting a beautiful website. Great designers have the ability to create not just visually appealing sites but also websites with the added bonus of custom development, catered to a brand’s specific concerns. Coined ‘phantom deliverables’ in business, clients are satisfied with the results they are getting because it is more than what they initially expected. If you want your client happy, aim to give them as many phantom deliverables as you can.

Understanding Custom Websites and Website Templates

Let’s start with giving a clear definition of the custom development.

The design of the website is one of its most important elements. It is considered as the ‘face’ of the site, as it is the first thing people notice when visiting your website. When webmasters design, it can be either a custom design or from a ready-made template. Custom websites are built from scratch, usually by request of the client to get a more brand-specific design.

A website from a template has a more generic design, which is usually done by a third party and sold to designers or websites. Some elements like the colors or font can be changed but its structure and coding stays the same.

Coding and Design

When designing a website, you can choose to build the design first and then edit/code around it or write the code first and then work the design in. A lot of people think that coding is done first when creating a custom website but you actually work on the design first.

For custom sites, here’s what the development process looks like:

  1. The designer and client make a blueprint and create a plan according to the client’s needs.
  2. The visual aspect of the website is worked on and tweaked.
  3. Developers work and write the code to fit and cater to the web design.
  4. Afterwards, updates are done only on certain elements and not the coding.

Because of these specific steps, custom design websites are easy to update. You won’t have to bother yourself with changing complicated coding sequences and just safely do quick updates.


This advantage helps you save on costs, giving you another phantom deliverable. While most custom-designed sites have higher initial costs, this has long-term benefits that will more than make up for the costs in design.

In other websites, there is that added cost of hiring a coder to help you maintain the backend of the site. Unless you know how to do this yourself, you would have to pay extra dollars for regular maintenance. With easy-to-update custom websites, you no longer need advanced programming or coding skills to update and make changes to your site.

Brand-Specific Design

Customized web designs allow designers to be more personal with the design, crafting a look and feel that suits their clients’ brands. This results to visually appealing web designs that have better chances of reaching your target audience. Ultimately, you will save time, money and effort when you receive an easy-to-update website that won’t give you too much trouble anymore.

We offer website mockups for all our clients and create a custom design site for you company in just a few days. Contact us to find out more information and you are one step closer to getting the perfect website that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to manage.

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